The Anchor Bay Community Foundation receives and administers generous donations that support charitable grant funding to support our neighbors in need.

The Board of Directors reviews grant applications on a rolling basis. For timely consideration of funding, applications must be submitted two (2) months in advance of the regularly scheduled MEETING DATES.


Apply for an Anchor Bay Community Foundation Grant
The Anchor Bay Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund provides grant funding for cultural, social, educational, and recreational workshops, conferences, and learning opportunities, fine and performing arts programs, community development, and environmental programs benefiting the greater Anchor Bay Community.

Apply for a Barbara Richards Magic Wand Fund for Children Grant
The Barbara Richards Magic Wand Fund for Children was launched in October 2019 in honor of Barbara’s 24 years of service with the Anchor Bay Community Foundation, and in recognition of her love for her community and children in need. This children’s wellness fund is intended for children ages 2-18 who may be suffering with a medical condition or facing illness, or has a family affected by illness, children with special needs, financial distress, or other family challenges.

Apply for a Grace Independent Living Program Grant
The Grace Independent Living Program is designed to provide funding for security and safety mechanisms for the elderly and senior citizens so that they may remain in the comfort, security and privacy of their own home. Each application is reviewed by a committee, and limited funding is available for each project. Income limitations will be considered for each request. Funding examples include wheelchair ramp, lever action doorknobs, bathroom/bathtub bars or seating, shower safety measures, power-assisted lift furniture, vehicle swivel seat, specialty utensils, household assistance, security entrance devices, or medical alert systems.

Apply for a Musilli & Hoover Lifelong Learning Grant
In recognition of the continuing quest for knowledge and the importance of the written word, the Ralph E. Musilli and Lynne Hoover Lifelong Learning Small Grants Fund is designed to support public library and related programming in the areas of literacy, children and teens, and continuing adult education. Each application is reviewed by a committee, and limited funding is available for each project.  Funding examples may include, but are not limited to the following: Early literacy programs, summer reading programs, resourcing bookmobiles, resourcing book clubs, expanding library collections.

Apply for a Youth & Senior Wellness Program Grant
On behalf of the State of Michigan, the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF) distributed tobacco settlement funds, and awarded the Anchor Bay Community Foundation grants of $10,800 in 2000, $12,917 in 2001, and $25,842 in 2002 for the purpose of supporting programs that promote healthy youth and healthy seniors in the community. These funds come from a $2.1 million payment received from the State of Michigan on interest earned on the tobacco settlement funds. The funds are divided among certified community foundations based on the most current state data on youth under the age of 18 and seniors over the ages of 65 living in our area. Funding examples include smoking prevention and cessation, health and nutrition, family counseling, early childhood development, day care, pre-school, and after school care.

To make a donation to grant funds administered by the Anchor Bay Community Foundation in any amount, please fill out the DONOR FORM, select the grant or program you choose to support, and submit with payment. Please make checks payable to the Anchor Bay Community Foundation.

The Anchor Bay Community Foundation has funded numerous individuals, organizations, projects and programs through grant funding.

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