Scholarship Funds


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ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS (Learn more about how to establish a named, endowed scholarship here)

Joseph P. Abell: Performing Arts

Edward Accivatti Memorial:  Culinary Arts

Bette Dunlap Carrothers:  Music

Jimmie & Joyce Foehr:  Struggles to Strength Women’s Education

Robert & Louise Hodson Memorial: Education

Pamela L. Kraft Memorial: Dance and Creative Studies

Stuart MacDonald:  Business/Technology

Velma MacDonald:  Continuing Education, initiated by the Anchor Bay Lions Club

Keith W. Marcola Memorial:  Medical

Justin Mello: Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Memorial Scholarship

New Baltimore Lions Club: Bob Johnson & Greg Bayer General Studies Memorial

New Baltimore Lions Club: Trade & Technical School

Lois & Dick Pierson:  Building Trades & STEM

The Pierson Family:  Young Men’s Education

Ann M. Ruzzin:  Fine Arts

Frank C. Ruzzin:  Science/Engineering

Wayne & Joan Webber:  Engineering/Medical

Steve & Gloria Whittlesey:  General Business


Anchor Bay High School Student Activities: Active in School and/or Community Extra-Curricular Activities

Greg & Mary Ann Bayer Family:  Government, Economics & Social Studies

Patti Borke Memorial:  Trade or Technical School

Independent Insurance Agents of Macomb County:  Insurance

Kaarto Christian School: Tuition for Christian Education

Joseph “Joe” Mellon Memorial: Law

Michael Osadchuk:  College/Technical School

Selective Industries, Inc.:  Anchor Bay Alumni, Business & Technology

James & Diane Shaieb:  Academic and Leadership

Missy Wood Streveler Memorial: Cross-Country or Track

Venture Global Engineering Foundation:  Engineering, Manufacturing, Apprenticeship

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