Grace Independent Living Program Fund

The Grace Independent Living Program is designed to provide funding for security and safety mechanisms for the elderly and senior citizens so that they may remain in the comfort, security and privacy of their own home.

Senior needs are important! If you are a senior or have an elderly friend or family member residing within the Anchor Bay community that may require financial assistance with any of the following, please submit the grant application below or contact us for further information at (586) 281-3275. Each application is reviewed by a committee, and limited funding is available for each project. Income limitations will be considered for each request.

  • Wheelchair ramp
  • Lever action doorknobs
  • Bathroom/Bathtub Bars or Seating
  • Shower Safety Measures
  • Power-assisted Lift Furniture, Vehicle Swivel Seat
  • Specialty Utensils
  • Household Assistance
  • Security Entrance Devices
  • Medical Alert Systems
  • Specialty Undergarments
  • Other

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