Established in 1995, the Anchor Bay Community Foundation is a charitable organization supporting cultural, educational, and social programs in the Anchor Bay community including the greater Chesterfield Township and New Baltimore areas of southeast Michigan. Working in partnership with organizations, individuals and families, the Foundation enables people to meet their philanthropic goals while addressing the needs of the community today and in the future.

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The Anchor Bay Community Foundation manages charitable funds and, with income from these funds, provides grantmaking and scholarship opportunities for qualified applicants. Throughout the years, cultural, social and educational grants have been provided for school activities that range from music and art camps, reading programs, Little League activities, competitions, and health classes.

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2016 Anchor Bay Community Foundation scholarship recipientsPictured are 2016 Anchor Bay High School scholarship recipients

High School graduation is an exciting time for our youth and their families as students prepare for their future. The Anchor Bay Community Foundation is pleased to play a small part in their planning with assistance provided through scholarships in the fields of study including business, criminal justice, culinary arts, economics, engineering, fine arts, general studies, government, law enforcement, mathematics, medicine, music, performing arts, science, social studies, technology, technical school, trade school, and includes internships.

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