Youth & Senior Wellness Program Fund

On behalf of the State of Michigan, the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF) distributed tobacco settlement funds, and awarded the Anchor Bay Community Foundation grants of $10,800 in 2000, $12,917 in 2001, and $25,842 in 2002 for the purpose of supporting programs that promote healthy youth and healthy seniors in the community. These funds come from a $2.1 million payment received from the State of Michigan on interest earned on the tobacco settlement funds. The funds are divided among certified community foundations based on the most current state data on youth under the age of 18 and seniors over the ages of 65 living in our area.

In accordance with the terms of this grant, the Anchor Bay Community Foundation has created an endowment fund into which 50% of this and subsequent allocations will be invested. The remaining 50% will be dispersed through grant opportunities to eligible programs run by nonprofit organizations, schools, or units of local government that promote improvement in the health of local youth and seniors. In future years, income earned from the endowment will be used for the same types of programs.

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•Smoking prevention and cessation
•Health and nutrition
•Family counseling
•Early childhood development
•Day care
•Pre School
•After-school care

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