Kaarto Christian School Fund Scholarship

The Kaarto Christian School Fund was established in 2018 to provide Pre-K or K-12 tuition assistance to families who cannot afford a Christian education on their own.

The Kaarto Christian School Fund was inspired by Norman and Char Kaarto, the children of Finnish immigrants in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Norman and Char always had a deep relationship with God. Whether it was Char cooking for the church potluck, Norman playing his guitar and singing in the choir, donations, or just regular church attendance, they always strived to show their friends and family that God loves and blesses his faithful servants. A Christian education can help keep a family’s faith strong.

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  • Child must be attending or plan to attend a Christian Pre-K school program
  • Completed application for a K-12 scholarship.
  • Choose an approved Christian school:

    Austin Catholic High School in Chesterfield Township

    Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Anchorville

    Lutheran High School North in Macomb

    St. Mary’s Catholic School in Mt. Clemens

    St. Peter Lutheran School in Macomb Township

    Trinity Lutheran School in Utica

  • Family must attend church and tithe (donate) enough to receive the church parish member tuition discount, if available for the school. If no tuition discount exists, then the family must attend church 70% of the time, and tithe (donate) an appropriate amount to a Christian organization each month.
  • Application must be accompanied by a one page letter describing why a scholarship is desired, indication of financial need, and what it would mean to the family for their child to have a Christian education.
  • Letter indicating registration or request from one of the above-named Christian Schools
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